See Windows Vista.

Microsoft promised Windows Vista would be better. In the end it turned out to be not only worse, but infested with all kinds of things that track and monitor everything you do on your computer, even when you're offline. By the way, if you want to disable them you can't. Many have (appropriately) nicknamed it Windows ME 2.
When looking for a new OS a friend of mine suggested Windows Vista. But I decided I didn't want Microsoft breathing down my neck and I didn't want an OS that's about as stable as a poorly made block of C-4 in the passenger seat of a Ford truck driving on the bumpiest road in the world. So I got Linux instead. If you really want Windows, go with Windows XP, as it's the only stable version of Windows. Just don't get Windows ME 2.
by Synthiv February 13, 2008
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Dave is the best minion no contest.
Despicable me 2 is the greatest film of all time”

Azelin stop jerking off to despicable me 2
by Sober_Blam April 19, 2023
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The greatest anime of all time. Don't google it because you won't find it on google. Google doesn't want you to know about this amazing new hit anime that dropped called "Fart for me Piggie!! 2". This hit sequel to the original "Fart for me Piggie!" continues the tale of the unnamed protagonist on his quest to make the titular piggie fart for him. The genre of the anime is dramedy.
John: "Man, I can't wait to watch the new episode of 'Fart for me Piggie!! 2' that just released on Crunchyroll"
Tyler: "What the fuck are you talking about, there is no such thing as an anime called 'Fart for me Piggie!! 2'. Please seek psychiatric help, John."
John: "ha ha I wonder if the piggie will fart"
by Sussy Bazinga June 2, 2023
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when someone say some stupid shit and you get to slap them twice hard ass you can .
richard said give me my 2 .
by wett wetty April 19, 2017
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An Among Us song by CG5 that's as catchy as nits in a primary school
I can't get Lyin 2 Me out of my stupid head
by pureboredom December 11, 2020
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Talk 2 Me Is what it is but it’s more to it than that so Talk 2 Me Cause I Talk Back.
by OTC Savage February 5, 2018
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