37 definitions by beth

when u don´t feel like doind something,u just pasate,u just ca´t bother doing it and u don´t do it.
-Do you fancy going to the cinema with Luke?
Well,why don´t we just pasate
by beth August 10, 2003
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We gonna go pellow over to the club
by beth January 24, 2004
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another way of saying that's bullshit!
Man that's pissed off!
by beth December 06, 2004
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Hey bartender... give me a redrum, light on the blood please.
by beth February 11, 2005
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any decent woman's boyfriend's EX-wife, who can't seem to remember the part that says EX.
no need for an example, we've all known them
by beth August 06, 2004
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I went to the bar and found a cute guy/girl to have some great nooky with.
by beth March 08, 2005
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1. The past tense of shit
2. Another word for shit
I shatt myself
You piece of shatt
by beth January 12, 2005
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