From the great stoner movie "Shawn of the Dead."
2 seconds is the theoretical time it takes to do something totally unnesecary or dumb.
Tim "Argh, get this thing off me!"
John "2 seconds," (pulls out camera) "say cheese!"
by LucySkyDiamond April 24, 2005
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When somebody is doing something undesirable or acting like an idiot they have 2 seconds to stop what they are doing. Commonly used along with "Yoo K".
You: "Jakie, get off the comp."
Jackie: "I can't I'm running MC"
You: "Yoo K, 2 seconds...."
by Pants69 February 19, 2007
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The code you use so as not to get caught when you see a really hot girl and need to alert your buddy.
2 seconds...
Ah yeah, thanks for the heads up, man, she’s awesome!
by Staifreak June 23, 2018
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Used in restaurant kitchens in terms of food dropped on the floor, if it is ownly on the floor for a loose "2 SC" it's still ok to serve to the guest.
"Holy shit, did you see me drop that steak?"
"Your good, ya got it within the 2 second rule."
by chef t July 31, 2006
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An expression used during/or referring to sex when a man ejaculates very quickly
"Dude I wanna go after Nina, but I haven't been laid in a while. I need some practise before her, otherwise I'm gonna be 2 second charlie."
by Thob October 4, 2009
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A really quick Blow Job. Europeans are very active, busy people who sometimes want the pleasure but don't have the time. Time doesn't limit the enjoyment so the giver must be skilled to deliver the same amount of titillation. Romantic, not sleazy.
Pierre, before you run off for work at the baguette bakery, would you like a 2 Second Frencher?

by SarahTurdleDurd March 11, 2009
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When you have sex
With a girl and you cum after like 3 seconds worth of humping.
My bf is such a "2 second pumper"
by THEword 14 September 29, 2016
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