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you need to chill get out of my shit
It's a dude all in your face tryin to get your # or somthin so you gotta be like"yo fall back son"
by Beth December 15, 2003

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Used when describing a very considerate, handsome man.
That guy over there is so Daren, don't you think?
by Beth April 19, 2005

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An orgasm in a tub. Great for a girlie night in and fantastic for sorting out bad moods! Phish food is the best
God, I'm in a bad mood. Pass me the ben and jerrys
by Beth January 15, 2004

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1. A great feeling
2. Hoping there is more
3. past tense of cum
"I was so fucking tired, after i came"
"That bastard came all over my face, thankfully his small penis also means not much cum."
"I finally came"
by Beth August 31, 2004

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any decent woman's boyfriend's EX-wife, who can't seem to remember the part that says EX.
no need for an example, we've all known them
by beth August 06, 2004

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the name elizabeth. the german name for it is elisabeth!
american person: hey im elizabeth
german person: you mean elisabeth
by beth March 13, 2005

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sister country to Wales, a most BEAUTIFUL place, where the people are awesome and the landscape ROX!!!!
wales and ireland forever!! let us unite against the pommie arseholes!!
by Beth April 26, 2005

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