37 definitions by beth

A cheesy, barely-there moustache that you would see typically on a teenage boy who is just getting facial hair.
Check out the paco stache on that guy!
by beth November 07, 2003
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another way of saying that's bullshit!
Man that's pissed off!
by beth December 06, 2004
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I went to the bar and found a cute guy/girl to have some great nooky with.
by beth March 08, 2005
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the name elizabeth. the german name for it is elisabeth!
american person: hey im elizabeth
german person: you mean elisabeth
by beth March 13, 2005
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Used when describing a very considerate, handsome man.
That guy over there is so Daren, don't you think?
by beth April 19, 2005
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you need to chill get out of my shit
It's a dude all in your face tryin to get your # or somthin so you gotta be like"yo fall back son"
by beth December 15, 2003
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pretending to be cooloer, or something that you're not, like Flaugin' Roger Anderson.
Saying everyone else is a snitch, when in fact, YOU'RE the snitch.
by beth May 01, 2004
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