State of Mind, (n), 2 definition:
1. The status of ones consciousness, as in their perception of the outside world, their perception of their own intuition, and the function of their brain.
2. A hectic NZ Drum n' Bass duo, consisting of Patrick Hawkins and Stuart Maxwell.
1. (Carl Sagan while trying to work out the best trajectory for NASA to use to reach Venus) This marijuana really changes my state of mind, everything is great, and I feel really imaginative, but I cbs doing math I wanna watch sponge-bob (Yes, Carl Sagan used the good stuff).
2. Ohh yeah vlad, State of Mind's Sun King is the best track ever, too bad here in Australia they all listen to Hard Style!
by Su Doh Nim August 19, 2009
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an up and coming band from the scunthorpe area in united kingdom, they are recording a cd and doing the club circuit at the moment check them out!!! check out
Band from Scunthorpe they play metal music and classic metal
by Simon January 7, 2005
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metal band from north bellmore
jj-lead vocals
state of mind is written all over my school and i swear i didnt do it.
by fr@nk!s October 23, 2004
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A state of mind is to have an objective or "feeling" in mind which is unchangeable for the moment.
He was in a state of mind which made him extremely mad and pissed off at the world.
by Clint J June 24, 2008
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Good time in your life and good mindset. For people who live in the golden state aka California. Good intentions not feeling down.
Damn bro I'm feeling good
Im in the golden state of mind.

No more bad thoughts I'm living happy!
by Justcametosuxkdixk October 28, 2015
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One of the best rap songs ever. it is by the legendary rapper Nas, and it is off one of the best rap albums ever called Illmatic. The beat was created by the best producer ever, DJ premier. Premier's beat on n.y. state of mind is one of the greatest ever.
N.Y. state of mind is a classic, and I would suggest that you download this song if you want to listen to amazing rapping and a magnificent beat.
by got me lost for words July 30, 2008
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A state of confusion, pure and utter confusion. A person is in a quantum state of mind. Believes in two/three realities at the same time.
A : Damn she is in a smrithi state of mind
B : Yeah, she is catholic, muslim and a hindu. All at the same time
by sssbkb May 15, 2019
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