Being a crack is simply being brainless and idiotic.
Yousif likes lemon-head, what a crack
by Marzook742 March 26, 2019
before it was associated with any type of drug. Every one knew that "a crack," was corporal punishment doled out usually from a teacher or school principle at the end of a paddle or other type of manufactured board and applied to the misbehaving students posterior ( butt crack) this was well known slang (1960's-early 80's)
he's on the way to the principles office, and I bet he gets "a crack."
by Swago-soul February 12, 2020
Several hours earlier than the crack of dawn. Specifically, when you have to get up really early in the morning. See also dark times.
My flight's at 6:00 am and I gotta be a the airport at the crack of crack tomorrow!
by KM March 10, 2004
Like back to back, but both individuals are naked and on all fours. Typically involves both parties being penetrated by double ended dildo.
Happy birthday Dustin, are you ready for some crack to crack?
by TorkManDan June 7, 2018
When someone doesn’t pull up there pant and there crack is showing you try not to stare. BUT when they are walking you see the crack cracking so you must stare.
Joe: “OOO the crack be cracking!”
Bob: “Yes that is one cracking crack!”
They give each other high fives
by hehejackson19 April 24, 2019
Internet gaming term used for people who are insanely good at something.
Teammate wipes out the entire enemy team.
You: Holy shit, he's fucking cracked!
by Hwangje Hien April 22, 2020