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β€œHe is seen... as the epitome of the hawkish, right-of-center intellectual” (Paul Kennedy)
by P4|<1574N November 02, 2004
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a perfect example of a certain quality. someone or something that "personifies" this said quality.
green day is the EPITOME of punk-rock music. especially tre cool, who is the EPITOME of sexiness.
by a TRUE green day fan November 25, 2004
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*Nothing makes you look more stupid than trying to use a sophisticated word and spelling or saying it incorrectly

Pronounced: (eh-pit-oh-mee)
Often mistakenly spelt Epitomy or said "E-PI-TOME"

The absolute example of something!!
Usually used to describe a person or item.
When you cant use a good description to describe something you can say:
"Jesus is the epitome of dickheadedness"
Parkway Drive - "You're the epitome of pure self-destruction."

Cradle Of Filth are the epitome of black/goth metal

Simple Plan are the epitome of homosexualness

Chuck Norris is the epitome of pure manliness
by Satan Loves Metal September 07, 2006
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the pinnacle representation
having the sexiest women ever together in the same bath tub has got to be epitome of debauchery- rock 'n' roll
by DamnI'mLookingGood July 29, 2018
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