all around chill, vibin, stress free, or out of harms way; safe
“Aye be smoove out here, V got caught slippin last night.”

fasho good looks”

“those waves smoove bro”

thanks bro been trying for a minute”
by crustacean slayer October 26, 2020
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cool, slick, without stress with a whole lot of game. Organized to point of envy. Nice like a Lincolns ride.
That brother has a smoove ass shot.

Them rims are smoove as a mu-uh fucker!
by Jay December 2, 2003
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Used to describe something super cool, extraordinary, an absolute fail, smooth, clumsy, stupid, or exciting. Often used as an exclamation or an adjective/adverb. Sometimes used when it makes absolutely no sense, just to make a point.

Pronounced "smuhv"
Bob! That was so smoove!
What the smoove!
by whoopeedoo May 19, 2011
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Easy or well done; very impressive or quick
Joe: *does a flip or something impressive*
Everyone: YOOOOOOOO that was awesome!!!!
Joe: omg that was smoove
by SpyingChris December 15, 2022
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to be chill, safe, stress free and out of harms way
“be smoove out here v got caught slippin last night”

“good looks”

“them waves smoove bro”

thanks B been tryin for a minute
by crustacean slayer October 26, 2020
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smoothly move something or somebody.
"i'll help you smove from you room tomorrow" "marge, smoove your ass out of there!"
by Jose Luis Ugarte April 30, 2006
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