adj- broken; unnecessarily redundant, superfluous, or meaningless; stupid or ridiculously moronic; bootleg or of questionable quality
Fuck! This CD player I bought off Ebay is jank.

While we were in china we went through this market and bought all these movies for $3. They're so jank, you can see the heads of the people in front of the camera at the theater moving at the bottom of the screen.

My parents made me call home to check in with them every hour.. it was so jank.
by Jargel April 15, 2003
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Poor quality, in relation to consumer products.
"That nosehair trimmer is jank. You should have bought a Braun instead of that crap."
by WhoFarted April 20, 2005
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1.) All purpose noun; jank or jahnk can literally mean anything, yet means nothing on its own. The meaning of jank is understood and defined by the context in which it is used.
2.) Ones possessions or things, stuff
3.) verb form: janked means totally screwed or to receive a raw deal or bad situation.
The correct spelling is unknown and the word is often slurred or mumbled when used.
(noun)That jank was the real deal.
(verb) That bitch janked my whole paycheck.
by Mo Fo Jones January 9, 2008
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An fustian expression used to describe anything and everything. Can be substitued for an entire vocabulary.
That chicks got a jank ass.
That janks got a jakity jank.
That shit is JANK.
Yo Bitch! Hand over the jank before I jank your ass.
by Goo December 2, 2003
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jank=something screwed up or messed with
janken=something great or fun
jank my lank= anything you want really
janked=stollen or taken

all these can also simply be expressions of any feeling. its truly a great word and its fun to say!
this is jank.
i'm having a janken time at this party jim!
oh jank my lank.
my pencil pouch got janked away by a napper!
by butter and nutter May 15, 2011
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Stop janking my mama! And, don't you jank my daddy, either?
by Netti Byrd January 26, 2003
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(fr. "Japanese" + "Yank") A young leftist American, usually male (but can also be any Westerner of either gender), who travels to Japan for the express purpose of shallow cultural dabbling, inflation of self-worth, and the search for a supposed sexual haven; teaches conversational English because he/she has no other marketable skills.
This morning the train station in Nagoya was crawling with Janks on a summer exchange program.
by The 2-Belo May 8, 2003
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