a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part or all of their earnings
Jessica G. is a pimp
by notacactus December 31, 2015
A word that has many definitions in modern day American slang. Also refers to a ladies man with immaculate skills in the art of pulling women with the end result of having sex. Generally is someone who oozes with confidence, has a good sense of style and appearance, and most importantly has a way of using his words to initiate sexual relations with a female.
Damn, I swear Logan always gets with the best looking women. That dude is literally a pimp.
by Pimpsmith April 17, 2022
A man who beats up women and owns over a thousand sex slaves.
Jack: I know what a pimp is!
Billy: Okay then, Jack, tell me.
Jack: It's A man who beats up women and owns over a thousand sex slaves.
by Jack Skipper December 16, 2008
A Pimp is a criminal who preys upon young girls, very often underage runaways. When a pimp spots such a girl, he will lay on the charm and sweet talk her long enough to get her alone. Then, he will often beat her, rape her, and get her hooked on hard drugs as a means of control; to make her believe she is utterly dependent on him. Then, the pimp will farm her out to “customers,” aka Johns for sex. If she gets pregnant, pimps usually force her to have an abortion. Most girls under the control of a pimp end up in prison if they’re lucky, or dead.
Man, why is the word “Pimp” used as if it’s a good thing?
Beats me, man. They take teenage girls who are rebelling against their daddy, and literally destroy their lives. Pimps are the lowest of the low.
by Hawks.Fan.12 February 24, 2020
Madison is a pimp because she pulls Cameron. She also dresses fly as frick.
by 2thicklit November 13, 2015
A word used to address a friend, and is a synonym to homie.
by ligma_joe December 16, 2021
Pimp is a highly successful male Swinger.
Tony: Prince was such a Pimp he slept with more women in a year than most guys will sleep with their entire lives. Too bad he's dead.

Jumaine: You got that right! He will be missed.
by Box Worm November 24, 2019