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1337 sp34k or leet speak written in a different manner.
<Blade X> anyone here speak leet?
<Lolpatrolinspektøren> L4wl I R l33t sp34k3r! h4xx lxm!
by Lolpatrolinspektøren December 01, 2006
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1. Elite speak.
2. Internet slang language involving the replacement of letters with numbers and/or symbols, specifically to discourage and confuse new members of the community (See newbies or n00bs)
1. Do you know how to l33tsp34k?
2. j00 5u}{0Rz @ l33tsp34k (you suck at elite speak)
by Geoff March 15, 2003
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The act of exchanging letters with numbers and other various symbols: don't even begin to try to understand it, it's a geek thing
573p|-| 15 4 l33t h4x0r
by Billy Bishoff June 14, 2003
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retard speech coined by fags who slept through their English classes.
by college student March 16, 2003
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