He does very cool flips
Fast runner
Cool dude
Said just did a 720 backflip
by bigboye69 April 8, 2021
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Refering to a previous object spoken during dialouge.
"We went to Jim's house and when we arrived at said house I got the ass beating of a life time at said house."
by Mike February 17, 2005
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Used to refer back to something or someone mentioned earlier. Mainly used in law in place of words such as aforementioned, though picked up by college-aged people in an attempt to sound smart. It is often used incorrectly to reference that which someone else has mentioned in a conversation.
Buy the Natty Lite beer. Said beer is cheap.
by analist July 26, 2005
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If you turn it upside down, it says "pies".
Get a mirror and put it above this word:

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Previously stated.

Avoids repitition in verbage or pronouns.
by Speaker April 4, 2005
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His ol triflin ass came ova last nite, put his hand all up on my thigh, and i SAID boom! (As in she knocked the shit out of him)
by Rob September 8, 2003
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