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An Amazing Boyfriend That I Love With All My Heart Super Finee &&' Sexy !The Best Dude Ever

Zeke Is Short For: Ezekiel
Omg Girl Zeke Is So HOT!
by Mrsz.MyBoyfriendsLastName February 01, 2012
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A cool person whom has wierd quirks that make him/her interesting.
by PixelDust October 18, 2003
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A man who is tall, dark and handsome. He kisses softly and loves strongly. He will promise to nevr leave you and when he hurts you, it kills him more then anything. Dances no matter how goffy he looks. He could make anyone laugh. He is stronger then strong. One day he will be something great and one lady will be the luckyest for having him.

I jus hope that lady is me.

Thats Zeke:)
One day that Zeke is going to go places.
by Ms.Clark June 14, 2011
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a big baller who plays lot of sports. Typically gets women and does as he pleases. Smells good. Big big big and i mean huge private member (cock)
zeke stroupe, ezekiel stroupe, ezekiel james stroupe, the 8th best wrestling at 140 lbs in pa.

God's relative
by Zekey Stroupy April 16, 2009
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1. Zero Electron Kinetic Energy (honest)

2. A biblical name, short for Ezekial.

3. A hayseed or other unsophisticated person.

4. An extremely cool person, especially on the dance floor.

Because geek and freak both rhyme, those connotations are included automatically.
Charactors in movies named Zeke are generally bearded hicks.

Disco Legend Zeke made a brief appearance and i danced with him.
by Disco Legend Zeke September 05, 2006
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A kick ass motha fucka who can do sweet as stuff.
Yo, Nigga, did you see that kid? He is a Zeke at BMX.
by J-Rod December 07, 2004
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