A filthy police officer,who thinks they are above the law and whatever they says goes. Well fuck ém
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1. Pink thing that rolls around in mud and eventually becomes a ham sandwich.

2. Correct name for the so-called 'public servants' colloquially known as the police, for example the neo-nazi organization the metropolitan police who spend most of their time arresting people for DWB, taking bribes from drug dealers (a 2001 report said corruption in the UK police was at 'third world levels'), abusing vulnerable women (another more recent report said the uk police were letting down women who needed them most and noted a huge increase in sexual assualt BY the police on women who had turned to them for help), stop and search black people in inner city london, and causing death in custody but getting away with it because some idiots actually trust these fools and take them at their word.
'sarge, I hate women and want to rape one, I like beating up innocent people and I am a member of the national front.'

'well done son, you'll go far. the pigs need your sort. it's either that or join the army'
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 25, 2004
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those pigs arrested my brother last night for extortion!
by stuart April 8, 2003
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Da cops,5-0, tha motherfuckin police.
Got damn pigs pulled us over for speeding.
by Alan March 11, 2004
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Those goddamned pigs took my stash
by Dave September 20, 2003
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O SHIT here come da pigs HIDE DA DRUGS
by jred February 9, 2006
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the dickweed cops who arrest kids for smoking weed. give out fines for loitering, and beat up black people for no given reason
Ice-Cube: fuck the police comin strait frum da underground, a young nigga got it bad cuz i'm brown...

pigs: damned right nigger! you scum of the earh! lets go arrest some kids for skateboarding at the donut shop, then go pick up some fritters
by 12345432112345 August 30, 2006
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