This in german means, I am good.

But you are not suppose to say it this way, because if you do, it is taken the wrong way and mean you are good, in bed.

the correct response for someone asking how you are would be "es geht gut"
Person 1: ,,Wie gehts?!"

Person 2: ,,Es geht gut, und du?"


person 2: ,,Ich bin gut"
by -secret September 3, 2008
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I am a... (in German)
Ich bin ein bikini-inschpektor
by donth October 28, 2003
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I am God - German
Used by wannabe american teenagers on lame massive multiplayer online games.
Joe: Ich bin gott!!!!!
Clint: Ok let me get a gun and shoot you then.
by Fuckthepainaway February 16, 2005
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int. literally: "I am a jelly donut". A popular German term often screemed by pregnant teenagers as they reach a sexual climax.
"Dude, i was givining it to her so hard last night that she screamed "ich bin ein berliner" then she ejaculated all over my new carpet."
by tombrianevan January 24, 2007
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„Sieht man dass ich butter bin?“ is a term commonly used by people who smoke weed. It means as much as, „Do I look like I‘m completely stoned?“

The term was originally coined by a man, only known as „El Stocko“, a famous Austrian thinker and phylosopher who spends most of his time in the „Loco bar“.
„Sieht man dass ich butter bin?“
„Yes, you look just like N.H.“
by El Stocko‘s son January 17, 2022
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dis is brazil language and mean im ass shit dude alligator face reeee
by RobloxPlayer3001 January 11, 2021
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