what trump did to america
Guy 1: Did you know that trump invaded america?
Guy 2: Yeah, he's a fucking imbecile.
by lazarbeamsfan11 February 24, 2019
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2 fingers in the pink 2 fingers in the stink named after the classic wrestler VADER it was his symbol
Dude, use the invader on that chick.

Did you just invade Sarah?
by Ryan November 21, 2003
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From DAOC hacks, a mapping/radar program that has a female voice say "invader" when and enemy is near.
"Anyone have Invader so we can go find the enemy?"
by Dave-o October 22, 2004
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to fuck a girl "invade" her with your dick.
by Adrian January 28, 2006
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1) An animated sci-fi television series produced by Nickelodeon. The show is unarguably one of Nick's best shows.

2) The main character of the television series of the same name, a little green dude from the planet Irk attempting to take over our stupid planet with the help of his little robot friend, GIR.
Why did Nick have to cancel Invader Zim?
by Roydiscord Productions March 5, 2021
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It was Nick's last hope.
Nick now shows fine programming such as the Amanda Show, Romeo!, and the 5,000 airings of Spongbob everyday. I also want to stab myself in the face.
by Babyghost666 April 9, 2004
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