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Commonly known as a "script kiddie", the work 'h4x0r' implies 'hacker'. People lame enough to use this word are generally not serious hackers, and are most likely using ready-made and easily-found tools on the internet. They generally have little knowledge of the tools that they use or how they work. Usually of little harm, they will probably trojan your computer, steal all of your CD-keys, mess with your email, and steal any online-gaming accounts that you have. They do have some use, as they are commonly found sending AOL pedofiles trojaned software, and then deleting all of their images.

The more serious of this group will spend hours and hours a day scanning the internet for computers that are vulnerable to a security hole. They will then exploit that hole (using some pre-made tool) and use what is known as a 'rootkit' to give them 'root' (or total control) over a computer. This most commonly happens to Linux and Unix computers, although there was a flurry when the Microsoft RPC vulnerability was announced (see slammer worm).

Commonly-used tools include:
Sub7, BioNet, Net-Devil, NetBus, RAT,Optix, Optix Pro.
by Uhh December 29, 2003
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The word "h4x0r" originally means hackers but a few years back it was most commenly used in online computer games to say that someone is cheating. Since that time a lot of new players who have no idea how to play has altered the meaning of the word subconciously. Currently the definition of h4x0r is someone who kills you in an online game.
Newbie101 : Omfg j00 headshot me wtf irl bbq tbfh!?!?!? I am gonna tell teh ub4h admin and get u pwned!

Pro player : How long have u had the game for?

Newbie 101 : 3 days d00d I so pwn j00 :E

Pro player : k...
by Tony2k5 June 04, 2005
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50M380dy wh0 (4n 234d 7h|5
y0u 4r3 4 h4x0rz |u|z
by Holy Lemon Kid April 01, 2008
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A 1337 way of saying a gamer who uses downloaded hacks on internet games, for example head shot magnets, or wall hacks.
0MG H4X0R!!1 ADMIN BN PLS!!!11
by Gordo M October 10, 2005
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Pronounced "hacksore."
Generally meaning one who hacks fairly well and often.
Can be used when someone is of 1337 (leet (elite)) skill in a game or when someone is incredibly lucky and therefore must have cheated or "hacked."
When being called a h4x0r, it is usually taken as a compliment by gamers unless used in the middle of a cuss-filled rant about how that should not happened.
Angry Gamer: *Killed in game* WHAT THE HACKS?!?!?! Fucking h4x0r!
by daedsiluap September 20, 2010
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