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A union between two men or two women, allowing them to have the exact same set of legal rights as those possessed by heterosexual spouses. These include rights such as hospital visitation. A step beyond civil union, gay marriage will at last give LGBT partners the security that every family, whether m/f, m/m, or f/f, deserves.
Since gay marriage was approved in my state, I am now allowed to visit my husband when he is sick in the hospital.
by Megumi March 04, 2004
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The definition posted by 555 is full of shit.

"you arent born gay. thats impossible. if your born male, you're gonna like females. males turn gay cause their mother babied them when they were young, or they hung out with females all the time when they were kids."
Being babied or having female best friends has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Oh, my best friend is fucking a guy! I think I'll join her! .... Not the way it works bub.

"and this is why gay marriage should be banned. if you can turn gay, then you can turn straight again."
So you're forcing them to go away from their ideals? Imagine gays were the majority, and they wouldn't let you marry unless you were gay. You shouldn't be allowed to, just because you "can turn gay" ?

"leave us straights alone. we've banned gay marriage and thats the end, so stop your whining."
Canada recently legalized gay marriage. Surprise.

"imagine yourself a straight kid being adobted by faggots, how would you feel?"
Embarrassed. Now imagine yourself a gay kid being adopted by straight parents. How would you feel?
Like every other goddamn gay person. Give 'em a break, they've got enough troubles.
For the record, I'm a Caucasian heterosexual male. I'm just big on rights.

The United States of America should be a free place for everybody. First it was only Caucasian heterosexual males who were free. I'm one of those. Next it was free only for heterosexual males. Then heterosexuals. When will it be free for all people?

I wasn't alive during the black or women's rights movements, but I'd like to think I would be standing up or their rights if I was. Now's a chance. You don't have to be gay to support gay marriage. Put yourself in the little guy's shoes. Wouldn't you like that small benefit?

If you were gay, or if gays were the majority... I know that's hard for most of you to imagine, but just try... wouldn't you like to be able to marry?
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A bond of love between two members of the same sex. Controversy arises from superstition, religious cults, and ignorance surrounding the nature of nature.
It seems odd that so many claim it's a "choice." I'm guessing the right wingers also "chose" to be attracted to women and that they could snap their fingers and "choose" to be attracted to men as well. It's as though they think a teen will be in school one day and suddenly think... "How can I find a way to get beat up more?" You'll notice that bashing and hatred suddenly dies down when it's a member of your own family.
by J September 05, 2004
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A matrimonial union between two people of the same sex. Not a mockery of marriage because it implies a loving relationship between โ€” and listen to these words closely โ€” TWO. CONSENTING. ADULTS. If you honestly think that the next step is going to be bigamy, beastiality, or pedophilia, then you're really off your rocker because none of these things involve all three of those three words. Maybe you can make a case for incest, but that's more often practiced in the Bible Belt between straight people, anyway.
Ironically, the American state with the lowest divorce rate is Massachusetts, the center of gay marriage land; followed by Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New York. The American state with the highest divorce rate? Nevada, with Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wyoming and Indiana rounding out the bottom five.

That's right, the holier-than-thou Bible Belt has the highest divorce rates in the country, while the liberal Northeast has the lowest. Suck it dry, neocons.
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon September 21, 2005
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A union between members of the same gender that raises debates because some people are dick heads that think it should be banned because it goes against God or is a result of ignorance. Since when the hell does the Bible have any saying in the American consitution?! Gays are people too!
They ban gay marriage because it goes against God but Newsflash: Not everyone believes in God!
by shiney monkey August 10, 2005
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What must be legalized in order to have a fully egalitarian society. It's just like the 'no interracial marriage' laws, gay marriage is bound for legality at some point as society progresses and becomes more equal and fair.
Face it, people who oppose gay marriage are the same people who hate blacks, Jews, Latinos, yada yada yada...and why do they get so much credibility in promoting "morality"?
by Brooklynguy2 May 09, 2005
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The act of two men or two women marrying. There is absolutely nothing bloody wrong with this. Why should the government stop you from getting married to who you want to? Afterall, in some states it's okay to marry your cousin, but you don't see Bush doing anything about that.

Conservatives really need to get over themselves and realize that the whole world won't conform to their ways. Fortunately enough. There are too many airheads as it is.
Gay Marriage is a wonderful thing and is absolutely amazing.

And thankfully Marijuana won't be legalized. There are enough potheads as it is, they're called conservatives.
by KGA April 29, 2005
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