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1.) To spend your time at home watching TV when you should actually be getting an education.

2.) A method of systematically ruining one's social skills.

3.) When a parent clones their closeminded beliefs/morals into their child without allowing their child to be exposed to opposing viewpoints and opinions. Ususally results in their child growing up to be Kent Hovind.
did you see that kid praying in a corner during Kyle's party? Yeah, he was totally homeschooled.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI December 06, 2008

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This is a true, and non-biased definition of the American poltical party. For insults, satire, and sarcasm, refer to anywhere else on this page.

Republicans generally speaking hold a right wing political stance. They believe that the economy should offer as much freedom as possible. They believe that capitalism and the free market are best in their purest, unregulated forms.

Republicans also hold the view that personal choices and personal freedoms should be restricted, in order to hold up a good "morale" for the nation.

This can be seen by issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Republicans generally hold the belief that both of these should be made illegal by the government in order to preserve "morality" and "traditional practices." (The quotes are there, because these things are relative.)

Republicans generally oppose stringent to moderate gun control.

Republicans generally support tradition and belief as opposed to innovation and progression.

Also, they eat babies.
Sean Hannity just interviewed Rush Limbaugh on Fox News. I didn't think so much republicanism could fit in one room.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI February 03, 2009

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The ancient philosophy of Epictetus, Seneca the Younger, and Marcus Aurelius, among others. Stoicism focuses on living a virtuous life, and devoting yourself fully to your task at hand, while stressing indifference to the events outside of your control. Stoicism teaches that the quality of life depends entirely on the individual, and that events can only make you persistently depressed or unhappy when you are a faggot.

Stoics experience emotion like any other person, they have just realized that it is a self-harming choice to allow emotions to effect your well-being after the initial emotional reaction has passed.

A Stoic is, in effect, the extreme polar opposite of an emo.
Person 1: I find it amazing how Brian continues to exert amazing effort in his career, keep a polite demeanor around others, and continue to ritually hit the gym every morning even though his wife died last month.

Person 2: Brian practices Stoicism, he knows that reducing work ethic, ceasing politeness, or jeopardizing his health because his wife died is completely illogical.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI April 01, 2014

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Without question, or any sliver of doubt, the most underrated rock band of our lifetimes. One of the most incredibly talented bands, which unfortunately, are unheard of or unknown by many people. People instantly recognize songs such as "December" and "Shine," yet have never heard of Collective Soul.
Tracks produced by Collective Soul such as "Heavy," "She said," "Counting the Days," "Perfect Day" etc. are some of the greatest songs of our time, yet go unheard by virtually everyone.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI March 31, 2009

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DirtyLT1, a poster of "Htownracing.com" has just achieved internet fame and epic status.

His epic fail of massive proportions started when he complained of "strange noises coming from his LT1" (93' firebird formula). The problem was reported to have appeared after a routine oil change in which oil additive was included.

DirtyLT1 later dug through the trash to find the containers of his "oil additive" which was actually brake fluid.

DirtyLT1 then proceeded to try to clean the engine out with brake clean, a highly flammable substance.

The saga is far too long to detail fully in this definition.

There is still speculation over whether or not this is actually a joke or not, but regardless, it is the best forum topic to hit the interwebs in many years.
"DirtyLT1, Throw some power steering fluid into the engine to steer the brake fluid and brake clean out"

"And don't forget to add in some headlight cleaner so you can see what you're doing"
by YHHAWNFTPSHI June 04, 2009

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The Fox News co-host for Fox & Friends. Doocy is a prime example of lovable stupidity. He is often so hillariously misinformed that you just want to tilt your head and say "aww.." at his sincere and adorable attempt at journalism.

One would wonder why Steve Doocy actually has a job at Fox News. His journalism skills are in fact, on par with an 8 year. Then you realize, he's the mascot of Fox News. The unintelligent, dim-witted, moronic shell of a person that represents the station as a whole. He is the embodiement of Fox News.

It is highly likely that he has never formed a cognitive thought, opinion, or idea without the help, aid, or influence of others.
Steve Doocy is the drunk baby of Fox News.

Steve Doocy: "Palin does have foreign policy experience, after all, Alaska is right next to Russia."
by YHHAWNFTPSHI April 04, 2009

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The wave is a sacred and required unwritten oath that applies to everyone who purchases a Chevrolet Corvette. The oath is agreed to upon the purchase of the vette with absolutely no exceptions.

The wave states that while you are in your Corvette, you must signal any fellow Corvette drivers with a friendly (yet extremely manly) wave to acknowledge their presence and their fine taste in automobiles.

Any driver who does not return the wave is a disgrace to the Corvette community, and just looks like a total douche.

No exceptions.
"I was in my C5 Z06 last week, saw a sick C6 rolling down in my direction, so I gave the fella the wave.

He didn't return the wave, so I followed him to his home and burned his house down."
by YHHAWNFTPSHI April 02, 2009

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