An American political stance characterized by the belief that abortions constitute murder. Currently, America has legal abortions available to those who want and can afford them. Persons of the pro-life platform wish for abortion to be illegal. Compare to pro-choice
President Bush is pro-life.
by Anonymous November 14, 2003
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The belief that all life is sacred and deserves to be protected. One who is truly pro-life will oppose capital punishment, war, poverty, and all forms of physical or mental torture. Such a person will see abortion as a tragedy for all involved, not a "reproductive right" to be celebrated - and will work to end abortion, not by force or intimidation, but by working to change the social and economic conditions that lead people to choose abortion.
i hate it when people think that because i identify as pro-life, i would support such atrocities as capital punishment, pre-emptive war, or violence against women.
by oddkin September 12, 2005
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1. Someone who is against abortion. While most merely protest and express their outrage for it, few others go hypocrite and kill abortion clinic doctors. Opposite of pro-death, indeed!

2. Often called Anti-choice.
The pro-life woman ranted and raved that killing is wrong, and to prove her point, she shot a doctor dead because he performed an abortion. In other words, she felt that a fetus was more important than a living, breathing human being.
by Jei December 10, 2004
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Politically correct label that applies to people who oppose a woman's right to chose. The choice of words, 'pro-life', suggests that the people who don't agree with them are 'pro-death' and therefore bloodthirsty babykillers.
Using the 'pro-life' label allows those who are described by it to do the following:
-Avoid any rational debate
-Advocate the murder of doctors who perform abortions
-Walk around with pictures of dead babies
-Never have to point out that they have never been in a predicament that would have them consider abortion (extreme poverty, rape...)
-Live in a fantasy world where abortionist kill babies as a hobby in satanic rituals
-Speak God's name in vain
-Hello, I'm Michael, 'I'm pro-life'.
-Really? well that's nice, death sure is overrated.
-Wanna look at my pictures of mutilated babies?
by James LeGroove December 25, 2004
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A term invented by anti-abortionists to refer to being anti-abortion.
Everyone is pro-life you idiot, what you are is anti-abortion.
by xRoBx August 06, 2004
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a euphemism for anti-abortion by spin doctors who think this sounds more wholesome.
The Fundamentalist Christian is pro-life, but only if that means she doesn't have to acknowledge the mulatto infant as a human being, and someone else will raise it in a third world country like Mexico or Botswana.
by Fundamentalist Bigot June 29, 2003
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A misleading phrase which should actually read: "Pro-governmental regulation and interference on actions that don't remotely nessesitate it."
I'm pro-life, because I believe the government is our moral authority, and knows what's best for us!
by YHHAWNFTPSHI May 29, 2009
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