A misleading phrase which should actually read: "Pro-governmental regulation and interference on actions that don't remotely nessesitate it."
I'm pro-life, because I believe the government is our moral authority, and knows what's best for us!
by YHHAWNFTPSHI May 30, 2009
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A term invented by anti-abortionists to refer to being anti-abortion.
Everyone is pro-life you idiot, what you are is anti-abortion.
by xRoBx August 6, 2004
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Politically correct label that applies to people who oppose a woman's right to chose. The choice of words, 'pro-life', suggests that the people who don't agree with them are 'pro-death' and therefore bloodthirsty babykillers.
Using the 'pro-life' label allows those who are described by it to do the following:
-Avoid any rational debate
-Advocate the murder of doctors who perform abortions
-Walk around with pictures of dead babies
-Never have to point out that they have never been in a predicament that would have them consider abortion (extreme poverty, rape...)
-Live in a fantasy world where abortionist kill babies as a hobby in satanic rituals
-Speak God's name in vain
-Hello, I'm Michael, 'I'm pro-life'.
-Really? well that's nice, death sure is overrated.
-Wanna look at my pictures of mutilated babies?
by James LeGroove December 26, 2005
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An idealistic position acknowledging that from a scientific point of view, human life begins at conception and thus human rights should extend to the unborn. Because this also assumes personal responsibility, it is widely despised.

See also, pro-choice.
If you are pro-life you would not find it advantageous to kill abortion doctors or support capital punishment.
by Killing Kittens October 10, 2004
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a euphemism for anti-abortion by spin doctors who think this sounds more wholesome.
The Fundamentalist Christian is pro-life, but only if that means she doesn't have to acknowledge the mulatto infant as a human being, and someone else will raise it in a third world country like Mexico or Botswana.
by Fundamentalist Bigot June 29, 2003
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People who are pro-life tend to be right-wing christians.They claim that we do not have the right to play god,however, right wing christians are usually pro-death penalty. These same people that also fight for pro-life like to send death threats and bomb and kill abortionists.
"Im pro-life so i think people who abort should get the death penalty"
"Um, so then how are you pro-'life'?"
*runs away*
by nego December 2, 2005
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Ever since I got that new house, I've really been living the pro-life.
by Dr. Williamson February 17, 2010
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