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A lowlife asshole that hosts a show on Faux News and spreads shit and propaganda for Vladimir Putin.
Sean Hannity is living proof that the mouth and the asshole are interchangeable.
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by The Real Fat Bastard April 24, 2018
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Any one person who is part of a cult of personalty, and argrees with anything the supposed leader says (in his case George Bush). Marshalls propoganda, ignores facts, and invites softball ideologues on his show and never lets them talk so it looks like they're wrong. A traditionally ignorant person whose listeners are anywhere from 10-1000000X more ignorant because they never bother to factcheck him and just accept even the most bogus story as true.
Ann Coulter is just another Sean Hannity...agreeing with everything the president does, even if it means middle class families who can't afford their hospital bills because of a freak accident have to go without healthcare.
by Bill Do'reilly November 01, 2007
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An Overpaid Egomaniac Scam Artist, a Liar, a sleezy Fraud.....a typical angry Nixongate Republican.
The really creepy thing about Sean is how obviously he shows he believes his audience is full of morons!
I have listened to him for 6 months ... I am 26 .. independent ..and like hearing both sides of all issues.... and I can't believe more ppl haven't called Sean out about this:
You know how he loves cutting the mike on callers or guests right? (stopping the "free speech" he's so into right?)
Well I am a GREAT listener and I have HEARD Sean get a conservative caller who's polite and agrees with sean and makes a point.... and I hear Sean cut the caller's mike!! That's not the worst part...

Then Sean doesn't acknowledge the caller's point, but goes into a long monotone, boring, "I just think .... I believe.... I know.."
His point in doing this part is to make it CLEAR that HE'S already made that point and rehashes all 13 reasons...
while the caller is sitting there unable to be heard and DOESNT seem to know it....!! Because 8 times out of 10, when Sean finally shuts up and gets BACK to the caller,
I HEAR Sean turn the caller's mike BACK on.. and it's creepy now because the caller is usually in the middle of a sentence already and you can TELL the caller has been talking a while..and did NOT know his mic was cut!!!

This is where it gets really creepy.... and shows Sean Truly believes his audience is STUPID.
After Sean's rant, and the caller has his mike on again, Sean Says all innocently:
"You there? Are you there?"
WTF:??? Does he not KNOW we have ears and can TELL when extra background noise gets CUT off or Turned ON???
Does Sean think his audience doesn't notice the poor fool of a caller IS IN THE MIDDLE of some long opinion as sean pretends to wonder why the caller is "quiet" by saying "you there?" knowing full well the guy's been on mute so sean could rant??
What the FUCK?
Why do this to YOUR OWN SIDE? He does this every other phone call... seriously, jot it down everytime and you'll be amazed at what this loonyass gets by with!

only ONE lady in 6 months called and complained about his "cutting of mikes" She said it made it look as if Sean coldn't argue or debate anything unless he refused to let the other side be heard.

That is true... so why do it to his fellow conservatives?? If it were just liberals he did it to, I wouldn't be surprised, but to cut off people who you supposedly "love, respect, appreciate" , the ever Patronizing "Great Americans" load..... to me, this shows Hannity doesn't really give a rat's ass about his audience, or the callers' points of view. He cuts their opinions off, makes HIS own .... ignoring the fact that the caller doesn't need to hear the 300 reasons Sean already knew what the caller said....
obviously the caller LISTENS to the show and KNOWS already.....
so it is just a performance... an act or a role.... It's frankly disgusting to hear the way he patronizes the poor fools that call in that show like parrots and puppets......
"You're a Great American"
He just tosses that statement around like it's an old shoe or a meaningless "how are you?"
That is disgusting, I'm sorry if you don't KNOW someone, you don't just give them a huge compliment like that & say "well I KNOW you are b/c you listen to MY show"
Gotta go get a puke bag.....
I've gone on too long.... sorry.
There is just Something about this guy that makes my skin crawl, and my stomach sick.... even though I know he makes some great and accurate points 25% of the time!
I still despise him, he is the definition of FAKE. The sad thing is his audience isn't bright enough to Ever pick up on any of this..... when it's right in front of them!
By all means, Listen 3 hours a day, as Dictator Sean commands, and you'll hear this "caring, normal Christian, Great American, free speech Republican" yell his opinions in monotones of repeated "I think" "what we need is this.... what we need.. what we need.." I think I think I think"
and listen to Sean take calls, accept compliments, and then cut off his followers' opinions....
tell his own AGAIN and fake his way back to the caller acting as if nothing happened.... the caller always sounds confused like he never even knew he was on mute...
It is really a pathetic display. Sean is truly a bad man, a Richard Nixon type.....

Well, I guess Sean Hannity was right about one thing! His audience IS full of raging morons!

by MissRuth February 10, 2007
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Mouthpiece for the Neocon agenda with little regard for truth or others.
Leaking Democratic memoranda that was stolen by clandestine methods from Senate computers.
by Robert January 02, 2004
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A pompous, lying, four flushing, low life jerk. The host of a radio and tv show who thinks that George W. Bush is the second coming or some other dammed thing. A man who thinks that if you so much as look at Bush funny you're either a traitor or a terrorist sympathizer. Always cries wolf about the next 9/11 style attack that he thinks is just around the corner unless Bush is allowed to crap and piss all over the constitution and bill of rights.
by jesster79 January 24, 2005
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