A lowlife asshole that hosts a show on Faux News and spreads shit and propaganda for Vladimir Putin.
Sean Hannity is living proof that the mouth and the asshole are interchangeable.
by The Real Fat Bastard April 24, 2018
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You wouldn't believe how much crap just came out of my Sean Hannity the other day.
by Emaybe July 9, 2010
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The closeted gay lover of Donald Trump. He loves to get fucked in the ass by Trump on the weekend and fucks the American population in the ass without lube on the weekdays on the radio waves and on national television.
“I used to like to watch Sean Hannity, but I got sick of having my asshole ripped a new one.”
by Cult survivor June 12, 2020
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A pompous, lying, four flushing, low life jerk. The host of a radio and tv show who thinks that George W. Bush is the second coming or some other dammed thing. A man who thinks that if you so much as look at Bush funny you're either a traitor or a terrorist sympathizer. Always cries wolf about the next 9/11 style attack that he thinks is just around the corner unless Bush is allowed to crap and piss all over the constitution and bill of rights.
by jesster79 January 24, 2005
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An immensely biased "journalist" on Fox News's Hannity and Colmes. He supports and believes anything the RNC tells him too, and can find a way to place the blame of any world problem of the past 500 years on either Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, or howard Dean.
synonyms of Sean Hannity: crazy, piece of shit, liar, ann coulter's bitch, republican cheerleader

also goes by lucifer

can be seen given george bush or ann coulter a hand job outside fox news headquarters in new york or in the oval office in D.C.
by Taquan Dean July 15, 2006
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Background. Sean Hannity is a presenter on the FOX news channel in the USA. He is defensive of all positions of the George Bush administration and at best mocking or straight out slanderous of views opposing said administration.
Example number two encapsulates his comments when interviewing the CEO of Verichip corporation.

1) A person who refuses to look at evidence.
2) A person involved in corruption at the political level.
3) A person who will go to any lengths to silence an opponent.
4) A person who posts Urban Dictionary entries portraying the man Sean Hannity as a person who endorses freedom.
1) He was talking with conviction about how kerosine melts steel, boy, he's a real Sean Hannity.
2) He was talking about how injecting people with microchips is a good thing, and that he would make money from it, what a Sean Hannity.
3) He called him a kook conspiracy nut for voicing his opinion, what is wrong with these Sean Hannitys.
4) There was this guy who posted an entry about Sean Hannity portraying him as promoting freedom. He really is Sean Hannity.
by fuckthenewworldorder July 14, 2006
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To ban someone from your site or area if they disagree with you or pose any threat to your fear-induced society built upon using God's name to discriminate against homosexuals, African Americans, and anyone who is different from you in general.
Sean Hannity him already, he's a God damn liberal!

Don't let them Sean Hannity me!
by Dan Drucker July 6, 2004
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