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1. I believe what I am programmed to believe.
2. I am unable to change what I believe just by willing it.
3. I do not decide what to believe.
4. I am always bound to believe whatever is most compelling.
5. I have no control over what I believe.
6. I believe that I have no control over what I believe.
7. I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. I cannot NOT believe it no matter how hard I try. This belief is not under my control.
by yorrick hunt January 25, 2008
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The word believe means to have faith and never give up and to stay strong threw everything even threw the people who try to get in your way stand tall and push your way threw to accomplish anything you want be who you want.
by Ross mire May 27, 2018
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that shirt's safe (see SAFE)

answer (if you strongly agree):
by manu October 16, 2003
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