A chick that acts innocent but behind closed doors will bang anything.
Damn, look at the chick with the glasses. I bet she is a big time undercover ho!
by Jdogg9696 October 29, 2003
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1. To operate in a secret or clandestine fashion.

2. Pertaining to anything with secret or clandestine overtones.
The undercover police made a drug bust last night.
by 1Spectre4U October 31, 2003
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Dressing or wearing urban clothes while mixing it up with Hot Topic accessories, standing out from the rest, dressed in urban clothing while listening to hardcore/metal, punk rock, alt. rock, etc...
"He/she is an undercover they like to listen to rock music" "Riff has an undercover ass hardcore band" "I saw some undercover people at the Heaven Shall Burn show"
by The Day You Saw Me Die March 1, 2010
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Undercover police officers whom inject themselves into protests and incite viol nice against the police and sometimes even commit the offense themselves to give the police an excuse to use force to disband peaceful protests.
Me: Did you see those two guys busting up the water station in Louisville?
Guy: Yeah, we went over to stop them from busting it all up and stealing it and the riot police encircled them protecting them.
Me: Those dirty undercovers just got exposed bro.
by LordGodKel June 5, 2020
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-Its a person that is bad or do bad things but to parents or any one that dont know the person is good or thinks is good
- Someone that most know a thug but others that dont believe it or dont know it
- Someone that looks innocent but does bad things
Undercover Thug- A wolf with sheep clothing
Undercover Thug- My son or daughter not a bad person but....
Undercover Thug- Opposite of a undercover cop
Undercover Thug- Someone that do bad things or live thug life but almost never get caught doing them.
(This could mean the same for undercover gangsta, or gangster to)
Undercover Thug- Unusual Suspect
by tnst December 19, 2014
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An Undercover Slut is a guy or girl who seems quite innocent and maybe even a bit prude but is actually a sexual deviant when given the chance to be. Being that the person is generally quiet and reserved about said deviancy, it's quite surprising when they reveal their true colors and you often find yourself very, VERY intrigued and wanting more. Just remember that they are, in fact, undercover, and have to uphold their mild-mannered alter-ego when exposed to the general public, and you must respect that. Also, don't assume that they've hooked up with tons of people- most Undercover Sluts like to reserve their sluttiness as to keep it meaningful and, obviously, undercover.
It's sort of like when the chick in the movie takes off her glasses and pulls her hair down and straddles you and you get the idea.
Guy 1: "Hey, you know that chick Gracie?"
Guy 2: "The one who always gets like, really good grades? Yeah, what about her?"
Guy 1: "That party last night, dude... You wouldn't be able to tell, but she is a MAJOR Undercover Slut."
Guy 2: "Oh my god, really? Wow... I never would have guessed it.. That's awesome."
Guy 1: "Yeah, but don't tell anyone man."
by SwaggieG September 8, 2013
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