executive process inhibitions verb generation working memory
The stop-signal task is known to involve executive control processes, including response inhibition, although these have been localized to brain regions that do not overlap with regions associated with the interference resolution demands of verb generation and working memory
by birdyj0 June 6, 2017
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To smash between both. Inserting nose in someone's personal matters
John: what she Did speak to you.

Me: why do you interfere
by trickyboy January 14, 2017
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the despicable act of intruding on or otherwise impeding another person's pursuit of ass; a.k.a cockblocking
"Hey man, that's ass interference. 15 yard penalty."
by kium November 13, 2007
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to protect someone esle from the attention or criticism due for a particular activity; To help someone in the performance of a task, but not directly assisting in the task.

From American Football where certain players are detailed to prevent the opposing team from tackling the palyer with the ball, by interfering with them.
a:"How am I gonna get these Playboys into the house while mom's there?"
b:"You go round the kitchen door, I'll run interference by showing her the job I did on the lawn"
by D F Stuckey May 13, 2004
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helping a friend get laid by entertaining her annoying friend, at any cost
Ryan was trying to get into beautiful Tiffany's pants, but her fat and annoying best friend was cock-blocking him, so I ran interference on the bitch.
by David Stewart November 11, 2003
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originating from football, to attract attention to yourself or throw yourself into harm's way to help out a friend.
your ex just got here - you leave out the back and i'll run interference.
by Erin May 13, 2004
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When you're about to make a flirty, kind of douchey comment (aka making pass) and your conscience interferes.
I was gonna tell her she was hot like a volcano taco, but then I experienced pass interference.
by Tikibarberfan March 2, 2010
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