A republicanism is when you state something as true to get people to believe it even though you know it is false.
On September 26 at 9am McCain has already won this evenings debate.

Don't spout your republicanisms at me.

by SirWhackalot September 26, 2008
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The belief in conformity as the only way for society to function. Expresses everyone has the same opportunities. Of course only if you are white, European/North American, Male, heterosexual, religious, bigoted, racist and extremely utilitarianistic.
I bet republicans had to use a real dictionary to look up utilitarianistic.
by Liberal_bastard June 21, 2005
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Someone who believes that guns are sacred, unborn babies are more sacred than born babies (especially born babies who are minorities, children of immigrants, or in a poor family), and corporations are people but should not be taxed like people. They also support low taxes for the rich, and higher taxes for everyone else to pay for the reduced taxes on the rich. They also support Trump no matter how badly he acts, and wouldn't impeach him if he murdered someone.
Republicans won the Senate this midterm, but Democrats won the House.
by Simmaniac September 22, 2019
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Someone who supports small government when it can help you and big government when it controls who you can marry and what you can smoke.

Someone who calls democrats crackheads without realizing that the retard in office is the only crackhead around.
Someone who drops out of school to do drugs is not a democrat, its the president and the vice president who are republicans
by Bush Hater March 17, 2005
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someone who runs as a candidate for the sole purpose of cutting taxes/keeping them low
W ran for president as a Republican because he thought taxes were too high on the wealthy.
by whatever5551 July 26, 2011
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Slang for someone who resorts to persoanl attacks that are unrelated to the topic at hand when his or her side is losing at something.

Not necessarily related to politics.
SCOREBOARD- Trojans 8 : Spurmz 1

BOB: That was a great basketball game, we won! Now pay up.
TED: No you didn't!
BOB: Your team needs to work on it's defence.
TED: You cheated! The referree was an alumni of your school! All the fans in the crowd were for the Trojans too! If there was Spurm support we would have won! You lost bitch! This whole confrence is pro-tro!!! LOSER.
BOB: Yeah, well the scoreboard says differntly.
TED: FUCKING CRYBABY! Why don't you go cry about some more to your momma?!
BOB: Huh? Don't be such a republican, Ted.
by Yobastank November 22, 2005
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One who advocates for violence yet does not participate.
As a Republican, I believe that we should invade all countries that are not like the United States and lay waste to all peoples who do not ascribe to our ideals, but I can't help cuz I got a bum elbow. And I get dizzy if I see blood. Go USA!
by Liberal Combat Vet September 06, 2010
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