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A republicanism is when you state something as true to get people to believe it even though you know it is false.
On September 26 at 9am McCain has already won this evenings debate.

Don't spout your republicanisms at me.

by SirWhackalot September 26, 2008
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The belief in conformity as the only way for society to function. Expresses everyone has the same opportunities. Of course only if you are white, European/North American, Male, heterosexual, religious, bigoted, racist and extremely utilitarianistic.
I bet republicans had to use a real dictionary to look up utilitarianistic.
by Liberal_bastard June 21, 2005
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def. - The actuality that, regardless of race, you should work for a living instead of demanding your government provide everything for.(Such as Universal Healthcare and welfare) This term also means that if you are a non-white/European you can become as rich as Oprah or run for President if you stop worrying about being the next NBA star or Rap star and get off of your lazy arse and stop demanding everything from your government.
Republicanism - Smart, "can do" people that built a nation
by Republican_Bastard August 07, 2008
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