A business established or operating under an authorisation to buy, sell or distribute a product in specified region or area.
A Wisconsin Honda motor vehicle dealership is authorised to buy, sell or distribute Honda motor vehicles in Dundee and surrounding areas but not in Milwaukee.
by Indra Chandon November 12, 2003
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You go to the dealership but you ain't never cop nothin'...that's why you a wanksta.
by Nick D February 13, 2003
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This is when someone goes to the car dealership for any car problems/issues. Customers with warranties may deal with the dealership a lot because their car problems are covered/looked at for free.
"You know the only reason I stay dealershipped up is because of that warranty."
by JDubb83 May 28, 2009
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A drug dealer who becomes a friend.
He's on his way, trust me. We have a strong dealership!
by sweetgrassnyc January 29, 2017
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(n) a person suffering from an unknown number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

In 2006 Subaru officially changed the name of the Impreza WRX model to Impreza STI. Thus, a Subaru dealership would be expected to contain a large number of model STI autos. Given that public health officials have also recently introduced the term STI to accompany the more well known "sexually transmitted disease," or STD, the pun is a relatively young neologism.
A-"That Gary is a beast-last night he went to three clubs, took home two girls from each and went raw on all of them."
B-"Gary is a friggin Subaru Dealership."

A-"Britnay Terple has had more sexual partners than there are chemical elements."
B-"Terple Subaru is open for business."
by Herp N. Derpington February 24, 2011
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When one conquers a Wal-Mart Superstore by receiving a blumpkin in every stall in the bathroom. This task must be completed in one day and every dump cannot be flushed so they are all on display. Hence the name "dealership".
Jacob: "I gotta use the restroom bro."
Cole: "Your going to have to wait, Micah has a Blumpkin Dealership here."
by Teddy Huckstible September 7, 2011
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When you commit to a fart but it ends up being much more...
Hey there fellow coworker, I'll be in shortly, I'm stuck at the dealership...
by Mainframetechno November 28, 2018
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