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Normal, Average, Unspectacular
He's a regulation monkey, except for the fact that he speaks French.
by Fervent July 24, 2005
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Contrary to popular republican belief, NOT the road to Socialism. Rather the gates that prevent banks from using your money to make bad investments until "It's gone." Also the reason a loaf of bread does not cost 5 million dollars.
South Park explains the consequences of lacking regulation.
"Great, I will deposit the money in your account. Then I will invest the money in unstable foreign currency in order to turn a profit, and it's gone. This table is for account holders only. NEXT!"
by the sad truth February 11, 2013
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The Act of regulating; Regulating in a large scale;
That Leva put the whole damm block on regulation!

So i just walked up grabbed his soda, and said "regulation".

John said he can spit better then tim. Tim had to drop some regulation.

tom saw kelly slap katie and screamed "dammm, regulation!"

When WPC walked down out block there was regulation.

The Popo's put regulation in effect when they showed up.
by J-Stu November 05, 2005
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