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Someone (usually a member of who goes to the gym to work out their abs. They work out not for gains in strength or performance, but for "the chicks." They never do integral powerlifting movements such as squats and deadlifts, and only bench press the night before they go to the club. Also see douche-bag.
That ab-fag just did 3 sets of abs and now he's going home to rub oil on his stomach. I wonder if any of his actual lifts have gone up in the last 6 years.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI October 04, 2010
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An ab-fag, is any male that goes to a gym to only work on their abs and not on any other muscle groups. He often recieves a negative vibe from those surrounding him, yet is to into his ab workouts to notice the vibe. Ab-Fags often act as if they are "the shit".
dude that ab-fag over there has been working on his abs this whole time we've been lifting... Let's kick his ab-fag ass
by Bob Striker strikes Bob again September 11, 2010
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