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The Fox News co-host for Fox & Friends. Doocy is a prime example of lovable stupidity. He is often so hillariously misinformed that you just want to tilt your head and say "aww.." at his sincere and adorable attempt at journalism.

One would wonder why Steve Doocy actually has a job at Fox News. His journalism skills are in fact, on par with an 8 year. Then you realize, he's the mascot of Fox News. The unintelligent, dim-witted, moronic shell of a person that represents the station as a whole. He is the embodiement of Fox News.

It is highly likely that he has never formed a cognitive thought, opinion, or idea without the help, aid, or influence of others.
Steve Doocy is the drunk baby of Fox News.

Steve Doocy: "Palin does have foreign policy experience, after all, Alaska is right next to Russia."
by YHHAWNFTPSHI April 04, 2009
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The ancient philosophy of Epictetus, Seneca the Younger, and Marcus Aurelius, among others. Stoicism focuses on living a virtuous life, and devoting yourself fully to your task at hand, while stressing indifference to the events outside of your control. Stoicism teaches that the quality of life depends entirely on the individual, and that events can only make you persistently depressed or unhappy when you are a faggot.

Stoics experience emotion like any other person, they have just realized that it is a self-harming choice to allow emotions to effect your well-being after the initial emotional reaction has passed.

A Stoic is, in effect, the extreme polar opposite of an emo.
Person 1: I find it amazing how Brian continues to exert amazing effort in his career, keep a polite demeanor around others, and continue to ritually hit the gym every morning even though his wife died last month.

Person 2: Brian practices Stoicism, he knows that reducing work ethic, ceasing politeness, or jeopardizing his health because his wife died is completely illogical.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI April 01, 2014
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A pre-assembled rice burner.
Check out that V6 mustang. I love how it looks like it might have some power while that Camry smokes it.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI December 02, 2008
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When the original poster of a forum thread is ridiculed, harassed, taunted, and humiliated due to the nature of the topic itself within the thread.

Basically, it's reverse trolling. The original poster starts a topic hoping to get shared interests, and instead the responses unanimously disagree with the OP (most likely due to the OP's newb status) regardless of their actual thoughts regarding the topic at hand. The OP then returns to defend his or her position until they are blue in the face and eventually meltdown in pure frustration and go absolutely bat shit bonkers.

OP meltdowns are hilarious.
Did you see that newb post that topic in OT yesterday? The OP meltdown was so intense that the poster actually killed his entire family.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI October 18, 2009
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The wave is a sacred and required unwritten oath that applies to everyone who purchases a Chevrolet Corvette. The oath is agreed to upon the purchase of the vette with absolutely no exceptions.

The wave states that while you are in your Corvette, you must signal any fellow Corvette drivers with a friendly (yet extremely manly) wave to acknowledge their presence and their fine taste in automobiles.

Any driver who does not return the wave is a disgrace to the Corvette community, and just looks like a total douche.

No exceptions.
"I was in my C5 Z06 last week, saw a sick C6 rolling down in my direction, so I gave the fella the wave.

He didn't return the wave, so I followed him to his home and burned his house down."
by YHHAWNFTPSHI April 02, 2009
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