A mathematical sign that shows that the total is coming right up. Every day when you do math, the = sign is necessary.
2*100=200. (Translation: two times one hundred equals two hundred.
by Matt11111 November 27, 2011
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1) A word that, by definition, means for EVERYBODY.

2) A situation where a woman, a black gay guy, and a straight white male walk into a job interview and the person with the most experience, references, and credentials gets the job.
1) Person A: I agree that equality is important, but don't you think our gender should be given special privileges?

Person B: No way, equality is for everybody, not just us.

2) Person A: So, who you gonna hire for the accounting job?

Person B: Probably whoever has the most experience, references, and credentials.
by Simple_As_Sun July 29, 2011
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A pure-evil lying phrase uttered by anti-white racists and non-white-supremacists who masks their true intents under "trying to gain equal rights", then they always push for special rights, then they outright be racist and oppressive against whites, males, and right-wingers, while screaming like they are the victims while doing it.
Equality is a pure-evil lie.
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Communism. (It doesn’t work) nice try though.
I believe in equality because I believe everyone should have the equal rights except those who don’t agree, they are morons and don’t know shit.
by Patriotic white male November 21, 2017
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1) An irritating concept that gave rise to algebra equations.

2) An ideal shared by many downtrodden citizens across the globe that all men deserve the same treatment regardless of differentiating factors, such as race, religion, gender, weight, physical and/or mental abilities (or lack thereof), income, personality, looks, etc.

2) Very likely nonexistant in a purely practical sense.
1) Correct the inequality.
2) All men are equal.
3) Some are just more equal than others. (-George Orwell)
by Unbridled Scissors September 30, 2004
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Equality - Something people have difficulty grasping.
People try to understand and practice equality, but in the end, they fail.
by FlareKitsune August 5, 2009
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The excuse third wave feminists use as a way to cover up their maniacal man-hating tendencies.
by Iggleboz October 9, 2018
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