something that is unbelievable in some way shape or form, an event worthy of memory
dressed in ridicuous red and blue/like i don't see what the big deal is

by Anonymous May 1, 2003
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Where something is hot, cool, or off the hook
The back of yo head iz ridiculous!
by ThEnExTItGiRl January 27, 2008
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A word to describe a crazy, insane, yet amazingly funny person.
"Valarie, you're ridiculous!"

"WTF?! You are ridiculous for shouting "Toss that salad!" at random strangers out the car window!"
by hapachk4life November 9, 2012
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when your boyfriend does something so unbelievable there are no other words to describe it
Girl: You just drove all the way over to my house in the middle of the night to give me a slurpee?! You're ridiculous.
by MrBlueMustang October 27, 2010
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when something (be it a Movie, book, or anything else) is both really awesome AND is really funny.
The movie Kick-Ass! is so ridiculous, it has parts in it that show blood and gore but also make you laugh a lot.
by MasterMoneybags May 4, 2010
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dat niggaz rymes is ridiculous
by JaY RoC October 23, 2003
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