The point in which a runner on a long-distance run has been drained of energy and his or her body seizes up. Very painful, very difficult to get passed.
by reliable source March 18, 2005
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The point at which a girl that used to be hot, is no longer hot. This is typically due to advancing age.
Heather Locklear has finally hit the wall. She must be over 40 now.
by Jack Goff May 31, 2006
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when you reach a point of total exhaustion or fatigue.
I hit the wall around 3 yesterday. I had a couple of hours left to work but I just wanted to go home and crash.
by TheMocker August 7, 2010
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To 'hit the wall' is to suddenly reach a mental block. It could be as simple as running out of ideas or as complex as not knowing what to do in life. Hitting the wall usually happens suddenly and the effects can last for long periods of time.
While writing my newest novel I suddenly hit the wall and had no idea what to write anymore.
by MentalDictionary March 26, 2015
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Slang for when you run out of energy / calories when exercising.
I couldn't find my 5th energy bar, so i hit the wall mid-race.
by Elonn Mussk January 30, 2018
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The point you get to when you can't drink any more booze or smoke any more dope and just need to pass out.
Man I got so mashed last night that I hit the wall at about 3am!
by nitram May 26, 2004
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