A Rush Limbaugh: is when I wash down a handful of OxyContin with at least three quarts of cough-syrup, and then I hit the gay-club to trip the light fantastic toe - but not until after having lost all of my inhibitions at the track, and my virginity for the second time in the parking lot.
* Hiyo! Hahaha; You are correct sir! *
Sorry about that - Ed McMahon is with me; the guy follows me everywhere.
Be forewarned: you will sleep for an excess of 48 consecutive hours after your first time "Rushing the Baugh," - call me if you need any help or if you just want to say hi; I miss the times we spent together at the gay-club.
Oh man; I'll never Rush Limbaugh again after last night - I won't be able to sit straight for a week.
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He's a big fat idiot!

(Many thanks to Minnesota's junior U.S. senator)
If you don't believe it, just look at that hypocritical obese drug addict, and for the "idiot" part check out what Rush Limbaugh wrote in his book, "The Way Things Ought to Be".
by £az£o July 30, 2009
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Rush Limbaugh is a liar, hypocrite and asshole.

Limbaugh could not serve in the military due to his debilitating condition called, flat feet. (Yeah, I know, horrible disease there, people dying all over the world cause their feet are flat.)

Limbaugh supports the war in Iraq, and berates soldiers that want and need to come home, he calls them, "phony soldiers". (Good idea Limbaugh, so this soldier who got his leg blown off in a car bomb incident, shouldn't be coming home in your mind, he should be serving in this corrupt war in the middle east, while you get to sit your fat ass down and flat feet in your radio chair.)

Rush Limbaugh has this hypocritical belief that all drug users should be put in prisons and that they are the scum of the earth. (Well, let's look at this, Limbaugh gets to write phony presciptions so he can eat his morning OxyContin and get through his day. That's okay though, Limbaugh doesn't have to go to jail, he gets to go take a "vacation" and be clean of his habit.
by TJM91 April 18, 2009
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A man who appeals to a sliver of the community, the stupid and easily scared ones. An individual who tries to belittle those who help people in need, while helping himself (to more cake). Someone who tried to minimize the social achievements of Ted Kennedy, while all he achieved was convincing his cleaning lady to buy his pills. A guy who loves to make frequent and ridiculous comparisons to Hitler. A fat bastard. An idiot. Someone who will not die soon enough.
Rush Limbaugh
by unitard August 27, 2009
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Talk radio host who recently cited Urban Dictionary as a serious authority.
Rush Limbaugh said, "'Conversate' is a word! I found it on Urban Dictionary."
by S. Haff January 26, 2006
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Pompous, Conservative asshole that's paid off by the oil companies to convince his mindless religious conservative following that global warming doesn't exist. He has no fact to base anything that comes out of his mouth and speaks purely out of his ass. It is his mission and the mission of those like him to enslave the minds of the people. Listeners typically call in to praise him, telling him that he's second only to Jesus and that he is the savior of the United States, while in reality every word that comes out of his mouth further destroys the nation and he does nothing but spout his asinine opinion on the issues, usually attacking people personally, not just their politics. He often remarks about how amazing he is and how well he does his job.
People who listen to Rush Limbaugh are mindless and need other mindless assholes to tell them what to believe.

Rush Limbaugh: Global warming doesn't exist! Summers are hot! They've always been hot!!

Rush Limbaugh is nothing but a fat ass, oxycotin addict.

We should call Rush Limbough on his show to remind him how much of a douche he is. He needs a fucking reality check.
by Neenerz May 26, 2007
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The reason most republicans still need a brain transplant.
Rush Limbaugh would debate God, but he wouldn't want to appear to have a conflict of interest.
by Quido1 March 1, 2009
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