Physical damage. To "do a number" in an aggressive situation frequently implies hurting someone, usually a particular body part. For example a number is used in the phrases "I'm going to pop you one" and "a quick one-two" (in boxing).
Rough him up a little, then do a number on his face.
by Balfdor June 13, 2007
A term for a joint.
Light that number, geez, I'm dyin for a toke.
by Saucy August 18, 2003
Joe: So what happened with you and that girl at the bar?
Sammy: I got her number!
Joe: Sweet, you'll be banging her in no time!
by RexGibson March 11, 2004
1. slang term for a woman
She's a saucy little number isn't she?
by Bud E Love May 5, 2003
The number of people one has had sex with.
Bill just broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to hook up with me, but I said no because I'm trying to keep my number down.
by linguishionista August 26, 2008
The act of taking cocaine and rubbing it on one's gums for the analgesic effect.
After I blew the line, I cleaned the plate and took a number.
by Bo Cephus January 28, 2003
A count of individuals that is not difinitively defined.
the number of people dying is increasing.
by Tropane May 17, 2006