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Fast Money

Money generated through an illegal or unethical enterprise, such as drug dealing or hustling. Typically a reference to how people with legitimate jobs have to wait until payday, whilst hustlers get paid every time they make a move. Also refers to how naturally street smart people with no formal job training are sometimes capable of quickly hustling funds that would otherwise had been earned slowly in a low level job.

“I used to make fast money, but now I make it slow.” - Low Down Lemar, “Slippin’: Ten Years With the Bloods”
by XG-Raven July 30, 2008
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The Cadillac Fleetwood was a rear-wheel-drive long-body hardtop sedan produced by Cadillac from 1947 to 1996. Its basic drive train layout remained the same up until 1987 when the Fleetwood marker was applied to a front-weel-drive Deville, with the original rear-wheel-drive car rebranded as a Cadillac "Brougham." The marker would return to the rear-wheel-drive car in 1993 after the first significant revision of the Fleetwood since 1977.

The Fleetwood engine remained the same as the Cadillac Deville up until 1987. The rebranded Fleetwood kept the same motor as the Deville and the Brougham received an Oldsmobile 307, replaced by a Chevy 305(LO3) in 1991, with an option for a Chevy 350 (LO5) until it became the standard engine for 1993.

The Fleetwood has been fitted with a wide variety of V8 engines throughout its production run. Horsepower made significant improvements up until it peaked in 1970 with the 470 Cadillac big-block putting out 375 HP and 525 ft lb of torque. Improvements to engine output stopped following the gas crisis, with engine displacement and output dwindling to an anemic 4.1L with 125 HP by 1981. This was a new low for GM, as the engine in the original 1947 model was rated at 150 HP.

Significant power output would not return to the Fleetwood until 1994, when a detuned workhorse version of the LT1 Corvette motor standard equipment. Displacement was 350 cubic inches with output of 260hp and 335 ft lb of torque. This gave the Cadillac Fleetwood an advantage of 50 hp and 55 ft lb of torque over its closest competitor, the Lincoln Town Car.

Sadly, the Cadillac Fleetwood was discontinued after the 1996 model year. GM determined that it would be more profitable to retool the Fleetwood’s production plant in Arling Texas for an upscale luxury SUV that was later dubbed the Cadillac Escalade. Along with the Fleetwood, production was stopped on two other highly successful cars, the Buick Roadmaster and the RWD Chevy Impala SS / Caprice. Long body car enthusiasts and police officers nationwide immediately became upset, as the closest alternatives to these vehicles were the Ford long-bodies that generated 20% less engine output.

The Fleetwood did make a brief reappearance in 1998-99 as the "Fleetwood Limited." However, this was simply a FWD Cadillac Deville sent through a factory coachbuilder for a six inch wheelbase stretch.
Wally: Let’s go to the club man.
Curtis: Hell yeah, we can pick up some chicks!
Wally: Wait a Sec’, how's everyone gonna fit in my Neon?
Curtis: No sweat man, we can take my Cadillac Fleetwood.
Wally: Hell Yeah! We can fit an army in there.
by Xg-Raven August 08, 2007
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Nextel is a cellular service provider long known as being either loved or hated. They are the originator of the half-duplex “direct-connect” cellular service that seems to draw equal amounts of admiration and scorn. The half-duplex direct-connect was pioneered as an efficient way of saving significant amounts of telecommunications bandwidth by allowing data transfer to occur in bandwidth segments that normally go unused in a full-duplex connection. Thus NEXTEL subscribers have the option of chirping instead of calling to save money.

Nextel is also known for their robust line of Motorola cellular products that seem impervious to any and all damage and neglect by their owners. Nextel has gained great notoriety in offering some of the most indestructible phones on the market today, with some models featuring water-resistance. Although some do criticize them for their added bulk in comparison to smaller, yet more fragile, products on the market.

Contractors and construction workers typically enjoy the aforementioned direct-connect feature as it allows them to engage in hastened conversations to obtain necessary information without having to endure the customary pleasantries common in normal telephone conversations.

Other people tend to hate direct-connect, seeing it as a modernized form of passing verbal notes through class in elementary school. The fact that the direct-connect feature causes immediate voice transmission at the destination of the signal causes further complications with use. If a transmitter were to send a message to a direct-connect receiver at an inopportune moment, it very well has the ability to become a serious boon to the receiver. One can imagine the stark differences in implications of a cellular phone accidentally ringing during a meeting compared to someone shouting an unexpected inane blabbering while in a professional workplace setting. Because of this, most Nextel users limit the use of direct-connect to only close friends, family, and associates as it is gravely annoying when the wrong person “chirps” you at the wrong time and place.

Although NEXTEL is not the ideal service provider for all, they have succeeded in becoming the industry leader in certain demographics of cellular subscribers.
Friend: Dude,remember you threw that NEXTEL i550 out of your car window while driving and it still worked.

Me: Yeah, that thing was idestructible. I've got the i730 now.

Friend: Damn dude, you’ve had that i730 forever now. Didn’t they quit making it like years ago???

Me: Yeah, this is my favorite phone. I wanted one when it came out in 2003, but didn't get one until I replaced my i1000+ in 2005.

Friend: What happened to your i1000+?

Me: Some jackass stole it from me when I accidentally left it on one of the shelves of the liquor department at Costco for five minutes.

The guy that stole it from me dialed a dozen long-distance calls before I could deactivate the phone.

Friend: DAMN!

Me: Word, now I’ve been sporting the i730 ever since.
by Xg-Raven April 09, 2008
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Solving a Sudoku puzzle in pen, rather with a pencil.

The puzzle is solved the same as normal Sudoku, however mistakes in pen become permanent, just like mistakes when playing windows minesweeper.

In the event of an error, the entire puzzle becomes void.
Bill: Are you doing a Sudoku?

Ted: Nah, I'm doing MINESWEEPER Sudoku. It's way tougher.
by XG-Raven May 06, 2008
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That most excited form of dick you get that lets you go the distance like superman. You get in just that mindframe that gives you unlimited penile superpowers. You get in the game, go on nonstop, and bang that girl's box out before you can even think about bustin' ya nutz.
"I boned that ho like Porno Dick" - Jaime Madrox (Phatso Earth 2)
by XG-Raven July 01, 2010
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A drug used in ancient Persian and Hindu cultures that was taken to induce a hallucinogenic euphoria. It was used as both a recreational substance and in religious rituals.

Few specifics are known about the drug itself other than it was a plant that was used in it's natural or liquified form.

Most historians believe soma to be an ancient Marijuana, Psychedelic Mushroom, or something in that neighborhood.

Habib: Let's go to the Vedic Temple.
Ishtar: Why? It's not even a day of worship.
Habib: Because man, they just got a batch of good soma.
Ishtar: Oh yeah, we'll be buzzin' like flies after a few hits of that stuff.
by XG-Raven May 10, 2007
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The Old-School definition refers to the classic Buick Electra 225, a sports yaht on wheels.

More modernly however, Deuce and a Quarter is a general term for a Land Yaht with a curb weight of roughy 2 1/4 tons.
Deuce and a Quarter
Notable Exaples:

Cadillac Fleetwood

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln MK V

Mercury Grand Marquis
by Xg-Raven August 08, 2007
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