not permitting penetration or passage; impenetrable, incapable of being injured or impaired:
The coat is impervious to rain, wear, and tear.
by Dani W June 16, 2008
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Maintaining a modicum of morality despite, or because of, the behavior of one's president.
I had my students follow President Trump on Twitter for an assignment in civics class. They were imperviable. No one was grabbed inappropriately for the duration of the lesson.
by Boba_McSolo February 4, 2017
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When applied to girls: the quality of being unaware of - or otherwise unaffected by - blatant perving.
Gavin: (staring at Karen's breasts) Wow you have beautiful eyes.
Karen: Aw, you're so sweet.
Onlooker: Karen is totally impervious.
by PearlFly January 28, 2013
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(n.) anybody walking outside without a mask during Covid-19, thinking that because they are special they are therefore impervious to disease and will remain healthy. Can also refer to people who describe themselves "caring", but who don't seem to care enough to wear a mask around vulnerable populations.
The sidewalks are crowded with maskless impervials, most of them enjoying their life like people weren't dying in hospitals by the thousands.
by Woodrow Saltpaw June 2, 2020
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The inability to be killed or harmed by the means of a tank or other large war machine designed to destroy
Fred, having an imperviousness to tanks, simply walked infront of it.
by MrSam July 19, 2006
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