A drug used in Huxley's futuristic utopian novel "Brave New World." The substance is supposed to have the affect of modern drugs, yet no side-effects. Could describe bliss, oblivion, pure love, or pure utopia.
Peace is my soma.
by agentcodyfranks February 8, 2004
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What they take when hard times open their eyes.
by Carmen Sandiego October 6, 2003
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1-A drug used by the masses in Aldulous Huxley's book A Brave New World. It would be used on a daly basis by the citizens of this futuristic society in small doses to dull the senses,or keep people impassive and unfeeling. In special circumstances, a high dosage treatment of Soma would be given to someone who feels unhappy,or otherwise emotional at all;this procedure would be reffered to as being "on holiday" because the person being treated with Soma would be in a state of stoic extacy(Soma is a pill).Soma is the perverbial tranqualizer of the masses,much like TV or POP culture is in this day and age.
2-Also a great song by The Strokes
3-A fabled Psychotropic(makes you high) plant supposedly found in India and used by the first intelluctual race of humans.
4-A herb smoked for relaxation, sold mostly in head shops as an alternative for marijuana.
1-Bob,so what if your wife died,get back to the party,all you need is a Soma.
2-I just heard Soma on the radio,man the strokes rock!
3-Many have searched,but none have found the fabled,perfect drug, known as Soma.
4-I just got some Soma from the head shop,let's mix some with our weed!
by NeonBandit September 25, 2003
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a white pill that is a muscle relaxant. Makes you feel drunk but a little more tired and you remember more. can be bought cheap in mexico. 100 pills for $20.
dude i took 9 somas last night and went to the movies. i ended up falling asleep in my chair.
by z dizzle August 1, 2005
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Soma is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the brain. Typically prescribed to patients that have herniated discs to help with the muscle spasms and sleep.

When taken in large doses, it can act as a benzo. - especially when taken with food. When you eat something, it speeds up your metabolism, thus breaking it down into Meprobamate which is a basically a anxiolytic. - benzodiazepine.
Bro, i popped 4 somas last night, waited 5 minutes then ate some fast food. 5 minutes into eating my food I was out of it. It was as if I had taken a Xanax for the first time. I was throwed dawg!
by TDUB512 December 14, 2009
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Refers to the area that is south of Market Street (hence, "soma") in San Francisco, CA. Once strictly a gritty industrial neighborhood, the area has maintained the grit while developing into a thriving nightclub and residential/work-live loft area. Was also the location of many failed dot-com companies and is still home to a number of gay bars.
If you're looking for booty, check out My Place and the Powerhouse in soma.
by pointdexter81 September 25, 2003
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A small time,SouthSide gang from Somerton, Arizona. Known as SG13, VSG13, or Soma13.
barrio soma gang riffa y controla
by bigblunts November 6, 2007
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