adj. cool, awesome, radical, or used to express a similar meaning
Boy: "Hey Amanda. I really like your new bicycle."
Amanda: "Wow. Thanks. I think it's pretty cellular, myself."


Facebook status of girl: "My birthday's in like 10 days... WHEN did this happen ??"
Boy comments on facebook status: "It's so cellular that your birthday is coming up so soon."
by tot'rad'dude November 3, 2009
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a mobile phone that can take calls and receive them

usually stolen (by a black jhit) or lost in the hood
dude 1: some lil jhit nigga stole my cellular

dood 2: nah that was me


dood 2: (runs like a quarterback)
by FreeiPhone4S October 15, 2020
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Cellular is the ability in devices, typically smartphones, tablets, iPods, flip phones, basic phones etc. to make and receive calls, stream the internet, receive and send texts all mobilely and where ever you are. Though only smartphones and basic phones can make calls, devices such as tablets/mobile devices have the ability to stream the internet with a cellular connection. It just requires a phone provider of choice and a SIM card implanted in your phone to bounce off a cellular tower for a cellular connection
( rich boy ) I got my cellular back, bad signal..
( poor boy ) I want that..
by exploding air plane 6969 September 16, 2017
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An acute condition marked by almost constant talking on a cellular phone.
Similar to telephonitis, but spreads further and annoys more people. Often very hard to treat and no cure is yet available.
As I waited in the Airport Lounge yesterday, I observed an infestation of cellularitis all around me. Almost everyone was talking loudly into a cell phone! Hardly any of the passengers were talking face to face.
by Suzee February 11, 2007
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When a person feels like everyone decided to hate them all at once because no matter who they call or text, no one will respond. Generally this is followed by the person calling every single contact in their phonebook, in order to alleviate the condition. Some will also call others off a different person's phone, to see if they are actually being ignored.
Marry had a horrible case of Cellular Paranoia; she called everyone she knew from a payphone to see if they would answer.
by crazytexan182 December 24, 2009
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(n.) a social phenomenon wherein which a person acts as though he is on his cell phone in order to shield himself from uncomfortable situations.
When Peggy saw the bum approaching, she flipped open her LG and began laughing incessantly as though someone had told a joke on the other end of the line. Still penniless, the bum's plan was thwarted by cellular faux.
by evil little monkey July 10, 2005
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an ancient device used by the Natives as a sundial to keep track of time.
Jack:I used the cellular telephone to determine the time. It was 10:30 P.M

Jill: Its 4:30 P.M u moron

Nigahiga: he was off by about 6 hours.
by lunchboxes4life May 25, 2011
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