detuned~done in
im detuned~
your detuning my head~
this will detune your head~
the act of detuning or being detuned~

To have ones head detuned or DONE IN
jesus paul will you stop singing please, your detuning my head!
by Jim Venner December 15, 2004
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Past of Detune, which means being out of tune.

#Detuning: Gerund of detune.

#Detuner: someone, something or somewhere is detuning.
"...He's like a detuned Radio..." Thom

"The colors detone with your face."

"The singer detones and almost turns me crazy."

"I'm detuning with the group."

"Lucas can play guitar, but when he's singing is a real detuner."
by GoodByeFish September 19, 2007
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