Delivering sperm cells into another person's body through ejaculation.
Dr. Viktrov, the scientist: (unzipping his pants) Do you know, Natasia, a single sperm contains about 37.5 mb of DNA information? This means that the average male ejaculate would represent a data transfer of approximately 1,587 gb in about 3 seconds.

Natasia, the lab assistant: (kneeling and taking the chewing gum from her mouth and sticking it to the bottom of the table) That's a lot of information to swallow, Doctor!
by theinstigator March 4, 2014
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The act of transfering an arbitrary amount of bodily excrement between two consenting parties, done so by the following series of precise maneuvers.
Party A first kneels on the ground, and bends his/her head over to touch the floor so that their asshole is facing straight up, preferably stretched open.
Party B then sits on top of Party A, such that the assholes of both parties involved are directly aligned. At this point, either or both parties proceed to defocate into each other, the idea being that the fecal "data" is "transfered" from one body to the other, as would actual computer data.
1. Erin wants to please Ben on his birthday, however she is currently on her period. Instead of sex, however, she decides to open a data transfer between her and Dan, so that Ben can watch until he is satisfied.

2. When Stuarts mother found large smears of warm brown shit all over his bedsheets, she realized that her son in fact was into data transfers, just as she and her husband had suspected.
by Chris, Brian, and Oscar May 31, 2006
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The touching of two male pinky fingertips in order to recall what happened in the last 24 hours of your partners life
Sharl we require a data transfer sea bass is horny
by Ricky224 December 12, 2019
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Telecommunication technicians terminology for taking a shit.
Hey bro, when the satellite signal comes back in switch us from legacy interface to Asynchronous Transfer Mode! I'll be back in 10, I gotta make a bulk data transfer.
by Spc Tuna October 5, 2011
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when a male reaches an orgasm from masturbation and jizz,cum,etc., explodes from his cock.
Teenager: don't walk in on me now, I'm transferring data.
by Matthew Kash June 7, 2011
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