5 minutes of pleasure. 25 years in jail
Mark: Yo that girl is hot!
Me: You need to be careful. She's a five twenty five (525).
Mark: What do you mean by that?
Me: You get 5 minutes of pleasure and 25 years in jail.
by obcession July 11, 2021
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I returned to that place
Now trees are full of life.
Grass are so much greener in my eyes.

I saw a wild rabbit,
was munching on green grass.
"Want a sip of water?" – I asked.
It couldn't say.
Just looking at me in a friendly way.
Licking a few drops of water I gave.
Then... it hopped away..

Many beautiful blue birds were flying.
"Chip, chip", were they talking to me..?
"Can't understand your language. I'm sorry...."

I saw a red dragonfly.
Then a pink one flew near by.
Played with each others side by side.
Oh, that was one of the most beautiful sights.

I sat on a bench,
Under so many tall trees,
Deep inside, I wish you were here with me
Felt inspired to write this entry.

A California traveller approached.
Asked if she could take me a photo.
Smiled, I shook my head "no"
I played with an obese squirrel
The tag was 616, you know..
Everything looked so bright,
But why was my heart filled with sorrows?
Slowly I stepped, slowly tears fell.

It's okay. It's just another day.
525 Time flies.
by JVeverMind® May 25, 2022
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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