Talking a load of sh*t for ages
by Lucy1239 October 16, 2013
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She had to blabber jabber in the middle of my speech didn't she?

jibberish nonsense talk random chatty unsensible
by love <333 May 18, 2011
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stop blabbering

(verb): to shut up and stop engaging in meaningless philosophical discussions.
boy: Dad, i don't understand the point of homework, so therefore, I'll say it in Latin, damno quod non intelligo

Father: I am in a bad mood today, now stop blabbering; grade school isn't about discerning the latent meaning of homework. grade school is about learning what you need in order to get into high school.
by Sexydimma August 20, 2013
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The condition that a person who goes "blah blah blah" suffers from.

Acute verbosity, manifested in meaningless blabber.
"After girls-night, she invariably comes back with home a blabber infection. I cannot get her to stop talking"
by the_saurus May 10, 2012
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a mexican who talks in the back of the movie theater while the movie is going
Dam i hate those fuckin beaner blabbers
by negrra November 12, 2007
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