ancient Sumerian goddess of love and war (how ironic)
"I looked up and I, like, saw this star and.... and it's name is Ishtar!"
by Jina-chan February 28, 2006
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Ishtar was the consort of Marduk and a Sun Goddess. Her following diminished in Babylon during a patriarchal shift in society. The book of Esther in the Bible is believed by some to be in deference to the steadfastness of Ishtar's followers, in that a resurgence of the Goddess cult rendered the nation of Babylon more peaceful and non-combatant, resulting in the release of Israel.
I had heard, but have not verified, that the Book of Esther is the only book of the Bible in which the name of God is not spoken. If this assertion is correct, the assumption that the ancient Hebrew scholars took Ishtar as their own and Esther resulted is more sanguent.
by mischa aleksandr April 30, 2006
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Known as a sex goddess, often imposing sexual advances in the form of unconsented and rough behavior.
that Ishtar sounds like a mythological description of Ted Bundy!
by possiblyREAL January 20, 2020
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lyle rodgers and chuck clark are the two most brilliantly composed characters in the history of cinema-

" tellin the truth can be dangerous buisness...'
by herbiewa May 20, 2004
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the "gigli" of the 80s
I watched five minutes of Ishtar and walked out
by hotmachoman December 5, 2003
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The best omg like she is my cottragecore gf and I'm her hot roadman bf
Omg shes such an ishtar aka hot
by Fhyeuesydgurudyeyf December 5, 2021
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