The Cadillac Fleetwood was a rear-wheel-drive long-body hardtop sedan produced by Cadillac from 1947 to 1996. Its basic drive train layout remained the same up until 1987 when the Fleetwood marker was applied to a front-weel-drive Deville, with the original rear-wheel-drive car rebranded as a Cadillac "Brougham." The marker would return to the rear-wheel-drive car in 1993 after the first significant revision of the Fleetwood since 1977.

The Fleetwood engine remained the same as the Cadillac Deville up until 1987. The rebranded Fleetwood kept the same motor as the Deville and the Brougham received an Oldsmobile 307, replaced by a Chevy 305(LO3) in 1991, with an option for a Chevy 350 (LO5) until it became the standard engine for 1993.

The Fleetwood has been fitted with a wide variety of V8 engines throughout its production run. Horsepower made significant improvements up until it peaked in 1970 with the 470 Cadillac big-block putting out 375 HP and 525 ft lb of torque. Improvements to engine output stopped following the gas crisis, with engine displacement and output dwindling to an anemic 4.1L with 125 HP by 1981. This was a new low for GM, as the engine in the original 1947 model was rated at 150 HP.

Significant power output would not return to the Fleetwood until 1994, when a detuned workhorse version of the LT1 Corvette motor standard equipment. Displacement was 350 cubic inches with output of 260hp and 335 ft lb of torque. This gave the Cadillac Fleetwood an advantage of 50 hp and 55 ft lb of torque over its closest competitor, the Lincoln Town Car.

Sadly, the Cadillac Fleetwood was discontinued after the 1996 model year. GM determined that it would be more profitable to retool the Fleetwood’s production plant in Arling Texas for an upscale luxury SUV that was later dubbed the Cadillac Escalade. Along with the Fleetwood, production was stopped on two other highly successful cars, the Buick Roadmaster and the RWD Chevy Impala SS / Caprice. Long body car enthusiasts and police officers nationwide immediately became upset, as the closest alternatives to these vehicles were the Ford long-bodies that generated 20% less engine output.

The Fleetwood did make a brief reappearance in 1998-99 as the "Fleetwood Limited." However, this was simply a FWD Cadillac Deville sent through a factory coachbuilder for a six inch wheelbase stretch.
Wally: Let’s go to the club man.
Curtis: Hell yeah, we can pick up some chicks!
Wally: Wait a Sec’, how's everyone gonna fit in my Neon?
Curtis: No sweat man, we can take my Cadillac Fleetwood.
Wally: Hell Yeah! We can fit an army in there.
by Xg-Raven August 8, 2007
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A town full of lads that think they are sick everyone from there puts Fy7 in their Instagram bio like it’s something to be proud of .Its full of council houses and all the 15 year old girls are nitty’s.All the fleetwood ‘boys’ flap it from Blackpool and get banged every time they get seen
That lad is definitely from Fleetwood
by f***fy7 March 1, 2019
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a large luxury sedan based on the wide body chasis model. Produced by Cadiallac for many year reaching its peak of beauty and execellent in 1994-1996. Power by a 5.7 the fleetwood general goes through gas at an exponential rate
Damn N!GG@, chall she that there fleetwood. N@#%! be pimpin old skool, betachee get all the bitches!
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A Boomer hairstyle typified by Mick Fleetwood: balding on top with a vestigial ponytail. This is commonly seen in retirement areas with warmer climates.
Saw another Amber alert today; it’s another Fleetwood sporting Boomer with dementia that has gone off the reservation.
by GeneCannon September 21, 2019
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dis is where da real niggaz is from. a hood that you dont go outside without a gat in the dark. drive bys nightly. theses niggaz make the ones in reading look like school girls.
Soldier: " I am being assigned to the most dangerous part of Iraq"

Some high ass niggaz: Iraq better watch out, this kids from Fleetwood.
by da most BRADass nigga May 27, 2008
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n. One who is very, very fast and unenjoyable during sexual intercourse.
Girl 1: He looks pretty sexy, I'd hop on that S&!t...

Girl 2: Naw, sister, he's a fleetwood.
by Wall E January 28, 2009
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Mainly residential part of surrey located between newton and guildford, mainly from 152 to 160th in Surrey, Britsih Columbia, lots of weed dealers and lots of good dank.
Yo lets cruise down to fleetwood in surrey and score us some nuts white rhino.
by Spencer P M January 19, 2007
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