it has no meaning

I just misspelled 420
me- look its 420
friend - you wrote 470 tho
by fruity.bread May 21, 2022
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To give sense to all dreaming,

Thinking, missing, waking,

I need to talk to you, show me how.

I am almost drowned, and may be we have very less time.

May be by this july, opportunities to all the coincidences, I have to collide.

I want talk to you once
470 Why we can't talk
by actumdeme June 29, 2024
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Why I am writing here, I think I have a hope that you are seeing this. There are so many fears in talking to you, show me how we can talk, so I can make sense to all dreaming, thinking, missing and coincidences.May be I have less time now, may by this july, I had to take decision to avoid all the coincidences if they are and see what universe want because what I want is not happening in any way, atleast I am not able to see. So please make a way, because I couldn't
470 I want talk to you once
by actumdeme June 29, 2024
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