One of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, semiconductors, and other electronic equipment.

Motorola is often known for making cellular phones, such as the RAZR or StarTAC. They produced the first cell phone, sometimes called the "brick" for it's brick-like shape and weight.

Other products include radios, PowerPC computer processors, and semiconductors.
by Dan June 3, 2005
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A phone, usually a shitty phone, great for a trap phone when feds on yo ass
Aye, man, block hot, need to buy my self a new motorola!
by NuttyAssDood September 23, 2020
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Soda and liquor are mixed in the bottle the soda came in. Thus making your drink mobile, hence the name motorola
Tyler: yo Wes, you need a beer?

Wes: nah, I got a Whiskey Motorola
by Slim_ trumpson November 29, 2020
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Alcohol mixed with soda in the bottle it came in, thus making it mobile. Hence the term Motorola
Ty: yo, Wes you want a beer?

Wes: nah I got a whiskey Motorola.
by Slim_ trumpson October 8, 2020
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A term used for the drug ecstasy, that is where the nickname rolls probably comes from. The term is used because of tablets with the Motorola M on them.
"Told me, since I was in pain and I like 2 rebel
This Motorola I'm giving you will suit you real well"
Tech N9NE ~ T9X
by APfromMSP July 3, 2006
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Something that old people say you cannot outrun no matter what kind of bike you have.
Old Dude - Remeber son, you can outrun the cops but you cant outrun a motorola.

Me - Watch me.
by 1000rrider November 22, 2006
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