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Lincoln's large luxury vehicle. Very common in the personal transport industry for it profound interior size/comfort. Shares the same platform as the Ford Crown Victoria and the Mercury Grand Marquee
The Lincoln Town Car is Lincoln's staple of luxury.
by SVT Town Car November 17, 2006
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A large RWD car made by Lincoln. Shares the same platform with the Ford Crown Vic and Mercury Grand Marquis.

It was an upscale trim package on Continentals in the 70's. Then it became it's own model in 1981 on a downsized bodystyle known as the "panther" platform. It lost it's boxy design in 1990, and again in 1998, making the body more aero looking each time. Towncars went on to be a stereotypical senior citizen mobile, gangster mobile, and also an extremely popular livery car for the rest of it's life. By the 2000's, it was the biggest car in production and large luxury cars had completly lost popularity. The majority went to Livery companies, and the Town Car and panther platform in general were phased out in 2011.
Dan: Your grandfathers 80's Towncar sure is cool looking.
Mike: That things an old school beast, but he doesn't drive much. He's 85 years old.
by Metalhead83 August 31, 2011
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A full-size, RWD, body on frame vehicle produced by Ford's Lincoln division on the "panther" platform from 1981 to 2011. The chassis was shared with the Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis and was originally developed in 1979. It is known for its Old school driving characteristics, comfort, smooth ride, enormous trunk, reliable powertrain, and roomy interior. A favorite car of Senior citizens who remember the glory days of the American auto industry, wannabe gangsters, Mafia kingpins, limo companies, and taxi services.
My Grandpa's lincoln town car is sweet
by everydayvintage February 01, 2017
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