Lincoln's large luxury vehicle. Very common in the personal transport industry for it profound interior size/comfort. Shares the same platform as the Ford Crown Victoria and the Mercury Grand Marquee
The Lincoln Town Car is Lincoln's staple of luxury.
by SVT Town Car November 18, 2006
A full-size, RWD, body on frame vehicle produced by Ford's Lincoln division on the "panther" platform from 1981 to 2011. The chassis was shared with the Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis and was originally developed in 1979. It is known for its Old school driving characteristics, comfort, smooth ride, enormous trunk, reliable powertrain, and roomy interior. A favorite car of Senior citizens who remember the glory days of the American auto industry, wannabe gangsters, Mafia kingpins, limo companies, and taxi services.
by everydayvintage February 2, 2017
The lincoln towncar aka the beast named for its abnormally long size, usually driven by those of darker decent, almost always equipped with a massive subwoofer accompanied by an even larger trunk rattle.
many define it as a pimpmobile or a crank car.
Joe: "Dang check out that 1989 lincoln town car what a pimpmobile"
Dan: "It sounds like bass mixed with soda cans"
Joe: "i dont care that car is pimp"
by Trigga19 April 13, 2009
Car Town is a game on facebook thats pretty fun. The object of the game is to do in work in a garage doing car maintence it takes time though so you have to wait a bit.. You make Money to invest into a car which you could use as a show car or race your friends in a cool drag race animation
"i Love car town!!"

Cripple-"so how long did it take u to save for that '69 skyline gtr"
Jesse-" Forever man and its faster than ur caddy"
by 3gee:D-teggy August 22, 2010