do some more crack ya fuckin yaht
by trevor March 10, 2003
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yaht is not derogetory, it is crew
96 dee-greees on my Yaht!
by JB March 12, 2003
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Sexual intercourse involving two males and one female.
The female lays on her back, and places her legs in the air, and 1 male inserts is genital probe into the female's porthole. The other male slides his mast between the breasts of the female and begins to put out to sea.

Ben: Hey Sarah! Will you go yahting with me and Steven?
Sarah: No, but she will. *points*
Ben: Okay, anyone is fine. I'm DESPERATE.
by distilla June 6, 2007
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Someone who sleeps with other girls boyfriends
Oh that rosie slept with Sonner knowing he was datingJennifer the dumb yaht
by SexkittenonLSD September 24, 2017
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a fucking hottie, mispronounced by none other than your double-space using dumbass bestie craft <3
craft: I kin yaht-lung
by whatelsecanidooo February 26, 2022
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the worlds bestest goose also known as shannon
i ily you the yahts
by semaj nonnahs November 12, 2010
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