An extremely hard-working and talented group member who carries a team in an academic setting.
You should work with Bob, he's an absolute workhorse
by urbancontributor March 12, 2009
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A dependable performer; a steady, responsible worker who assumes a heavy workload.
Because the company wasn't making any new sales or delivering any of the existing ones to production, the COO and VP of Support decided to fire the older employees -- the workhorses -- in order to afford raises and bonuses for the younger ones.
by Turn the Worm May 23, 2010
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One who goes all in at all times.
One who gets the job done at all costs.
One who has the determination and is not afraid to put the team on his back and carry the young ones to the promise land.
Big Veets is always a workhorse when he's on vodka/redbull.

La Placita is the workhorse's stomping ground.
by Big Veets March 11, 2015
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To be over worked by a superior.
I have been workhorsed for too long, so I’m going to quit.
by Itisme April 24, 2019
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A person who performs most of the work of a group task. A very hard working person.
Look at Kali over there. She is a workhorse.
by WHKali May 22, 2020
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A simple, basic, alcoholic beverage which one drinks in between rounds of shots, or more exotic libations which may be served at a party or event.
Sam: Yo Dave, whatcha got there?
Dave: Sam Adams. It's my workhorse drink. Can't just keep doing shots of vodka like you boys.
by FriendOrFlake September 3, 2014
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